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Prodways Launches 3D Printing Private Equity, Consulting Service


DentoSmile is the first client of 3D printing equity firm Prodways Entrepreneurs. Image: DentoSmile

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing represent a tremendous paradigm shift in a lot of manufacturing segments. In order to help existing manufacturers make the transition, and give a boost to new companies with innovative 3D printing ideas, a French engineering firm has launched a new 3D printing private equity and consulting business to lend hand.

Groupe Gorgé launched the new venture, Prodways Entrepreneurs, in June to support and finance European 3D printing companies. Gorgé previously acquired 3D printing solutions company Prodways and DeltaMed, a German company that makes photosensitive resins for 3D printing applications.

The new Prodways venture is geared toward providing solutions to industrial companies that want to direct their production operations toward 3D printing, and materials and solutions designers who want to promote and support 3D printing activities in Europe. Services include equity financing, consulting, technology, and operational support.

Marseille-based DentoSmile was the first Prodways Entrepreneurs client. The orthodontic company makes “invisible” teeth aligners that are created using digital modeling software and 3D printing. Prodways invested EUR 700,000 in the company, and provided its MOVINGLight technology.

You can see a bit more about the new company in the video below.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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