Solid Concepts and Equus Bring the Automotive Muscle

I’m not much of a car guy. As long as my vehicle can handle adverse weather conditions and isn’t pink or bright yellow, I’ll drive pretty much anything. My general indifference doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a well-designed car, however. Even I feel faint stirrings of automotive infatuation when I see a classic muscle car tooling down the road.

Equus Automotive’s BASS770 is just the kind of car to catch my eye. Its lines recall the classic muscle cars I find so appealing, but is brand new and built with an eye toward luxury that wasn’t really part of the original design of muscle cars. The BASS770 is also the product of additive manufacturing (AM) expertise, directed by Solid Concepts. Continue reading

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Wastestream to Mainstream Has a Big Vision for 3D Printing and Recycling

It’s Earth Day, and plastic is everywhere. It’s in our cars, our computers, and our clothing. Unfortunately, plastic is also everywhere in the environment, washing up on beaches or bouncing along the highways. In some places there are mounds of plastic eating up space, or forming islands of trash in the Pacific.

Liz Havlin wants all that discarded plastic to do something productive, such as fueling the demand for filament required by 3D printers. To that end, she’s begun a project called Wastestream to Mainstream with the goal of building filament extruders fueled by recycled plastic. Still in the planning stages for now, the project will move to Kickstarter and the crowdfunding scene to seek startup capital. Continue reading

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Koenigsegg Harnesses Additive Manufacturing for the One:1

Mainstream media can’t seem to make up its mind about additive manufacturing (AM). Sometimes it’s the best thing since sliced bread, sometimes it’s overhyped. Regardless of the current media take on the technology, it doesn’t take much effort to find AM at work and already making an impact in industries such as automotive, medical and aerospace.

Swedish auto manufacturer Koenigsegg used 3D printing for both the design and manufacturing stages of its newest sports car, the One:1. The company made heavy use of rapid prototyping to ensure various details of the car looked and felt exactly as it wished, including the pedals, foot rest and mirror housing. Every detail of the One:1 was engineered to be as lightweight as possible, following the company’s vision of the perfect vehicle. Continue reading

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GIGTANK Startup Accelerator Drives Additive Manufacturing Innovation

Every year thousands of innovators work to bring their ideas to fruition. Those who succeed do so through a combination of hard work, technical prowess and maybe a little bit of luck. Innovators can also receive a helping hand from a number of sources, including contests, angel investors, and crowdsource funding websites such as Kickstarter.

GIGTANK is a program designed to help new startups by offering them access to the tools, capital and connections needed to bring a product to market. Based in Chattanooga, TN, the name GIGTANK comes from the city’s status as one of the first US cities to offer a gigabit internet service. This year’s GIGTANK features 12 finalists, many of which involve additive manufacturing (AM). Continue reading

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Staples and 3D Systems Partner for In-store 3D Printing

It’s sometimes easy to forget that additive manufacturing (AM) isn’t really a brand new technology. 3D printers toiled away in labs and back rooms for years cranking out prototypes and the occasional custom part without receiving much in the way of attention. Only recently, with the rollout of home AM systems, has the technology entered the general consumer’s consciousness.

One expression of increased awareness is the push to move 3D printers from the back of the shop to the front. Staples has been at the forefront of this movement, adding AM systems to store shelves, and offering AM printing services in Europe since last year. Now a new partnership with 3D Systems (3DS) will bring AM services to Staples in the US.


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