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New WhiteClouds Site Offers Everything 3D

For every article written proclaiming that additive manufacturing (AM) is overhyped or some kind of phase, companies like Materialise 3D prints and ship another object. New service bureaus and 3D design clearinghouses are appearing all the time, clamoring for attention from a public that has just begun to understand what AM can do for them.

WhiteClouds is among the latest websites offering 3D printing services, and they have done so in style. Its new 3D printing hub looks and feels like a modern website.  

Of course, style without substance isn’t worth much, but WhiteClouds seems to have launched with everything it needs to fill customer needs. The company has 10 3D printers to build objects, including serious systems like the Connex 500 and ZPrinter 650. Materials offered include plastics, resins, full-color sandstone, rubber-like, and various digital materials.

Perhaps just as important as its AM systems, the new site also offers multiple avenues of creation and exploration to find interesting objects to print. The company calls these objects “3D printables” and has a catalog of ready-to-go 3D designs broken down into categories such as art, corporate, gadgets, and science to assist customers. For customers with specific needs, WhiteClouds also offers design services.

“3D printing products and services are in high-demand but it’s hard to know just where to start,” said Jerry Ropelato, founder and CEO of WhiteClouds. “That’s why WhiteClouds is such a great resource. We offer advice, how-tos, videos and more to learn about 3D printing and how to use 3D printers. Plus users can print their own designs with WhiteClouds or purchase imaginative and unique 3D printables.”

WhiteClouds also offers a limited number of creative options. These range from 3D printed busts and miniature statues, to video game prints from Minecraft and Spore. If any area of the site could be said to be lacking, it might be the create section. Offering customers some small way to alter the shape of existing models might not be a bad idea for future implementation.

Below you’ll find a video about WhiteClouds.

Source: WhiteClouds

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