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PC-DMIS Touch Portable on ROMER Arms Released

We don’t cover a lot of metrology-related items on Rapid Ready, and the reasoning is fairly simple: few devices or programs are designed specifically with additive manufacturing (AM) in mind. In general, a part is a part, and the same tools can be used to measure and define parts made through traditional manufacturing methods as through AM, though we have come across a few exceptions.

Although Hexagon Metrology’s new PC-DMIS Touch Portable on ROMER Arms doesn’t fall into the designed specifically for AM category, it does offer a range of metrology tools that seem innovative enough to warrant a look. PC-DMIS Touch has been designed to be simple to use and is capable of generating data for both 2D and 3D dimensional reports. 

PC-DMIS Touch on ROMER Arm can guess the shape of data being recorded to reduce work time. Courtesy of Hexagon Metrology.

Part of what makes PC-DMIS Touch so simple is the software’s touch-based design. Following in the footsteps of touch apps that most of us have become familiar with over the last few years, the program guides users, even inexperienced users, according to the company, through the process of writing a program for inspection, and then through the inspection process itself. The stable platform offered by ROMER arms also assists in the process by ensuring measurement precision.

“PC-DMIS Touch represents the future of inspection software, leveraging the latest advancements in operating system and hardware form factors,” said Ken Woodbine, president of the PC-DMIS software division of Hexagon Metrology. “The user experience includes full touch gesturing and utilization of color in distinctive ways to guide the user through a task. It becomes an immersive experience that allows any user to accomplish their job swiftly and easily. ROMER arm users will particularly appreciate this ease of use based on an arm’s typical applications and diverse measurement workflows.”

Features of PC-DMIS Touch include:

  • Full touch-screen compatibility. Even the 3D View can be panned, rotated and zoomed. 
  • Grab and measure. Use of the ROMER arm in conjunction with the software means reduced need to navigate through menus in order to make measurements. 
  • Auto-Guess. Rather than defining each feature to be measured, PC-DMIS Touch will attempt work it out automatically, whether it’s a plane, a cylinder or a round slot. 
  • All measurements are recorded and saved to a routine, so they can be played back later by even inexperienced users. 
  • GD&T functionality. 
  • Automatic report creation. Reports are created automatically during part measurement. If the user wants to remove something, or change a tolerance, he can do so with a touch on the desired feature in the list. 

Each feature of PC-DMIS Touch is based on the idea of “Faces.” A Face is a single screen that presents the user with a number of different options. Users can switch between Faces with a swipe, just like with other touch-based apps. Currently, the software operates on any computer running Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate or Windows 8 PRO.

Below you’ll find a video demonstration of PC-DMIS Touch.

Source: Hexagon Metrology

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