Wohlers Associates

Report Forecasts Additive Manufacturing Materials Market to Exceed $600 Million by 2025

The additive manufacturing (AM) market continues to grow by leaps and bounds as more and more industries find ways of leveraging the technology. Wohlers Report 2013 saw a 28.6% increase in products and services in 2012, and estimates a total market value of nearly $6 billion by 2017. Manufacturers have also seen a boom, with 3D Systems reporting its third quarter revenue grew 50% from the prior year to a record $135.7 million.

Unsurprisingly, the AM materials market is growing alongside products and services. A new report by industry research firm IDTechEx estimating that the value of the AM materials market will exceed $600 million by 2025. The report, 3D Printing Materials 2014-2025: Status, Opportunities, Market Forecasts, was published this month, and was authored by Dr. Wendy Kneissl, senior technical analyst at IDTechEx. Continue reading

International Wohlers Conference to be Held Alongside 20th Annual EuroMold

For the last 20 years, Frankfurt, Germany has been the site of the EuroMold trade fair. Thousands of attendees from around the world attend the conference to learn about the latest trends in manufacturing, and to meet industry leaders. EuroMold 2013 estimates nearly 55,000 attendees will take part in workshops and visit the show floor, where more than 1,000 vendors will show off their latest products.

Running alongside EuroMold again this year is the International Wohlers Conference, a series of informative seminars hosted by Wohlers Associates, an additive manufacturing (AM) consulting firm. This year’s International Wohlers Conference will focus on business and investment opportunities in AM. Continue reading

The Second Digital Manufacturing Revolution

The first big wave of expansion in the digital manufacturing revolution came thanks to the expiration of patents related to Stratasys’ Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process. This gave companies such as MakerBot the freedom to design, develop and manufacture 3D printers that used similar material extrusion technology, and offer them for sale to hobbyists at much lower prices than comparable professional additive manufacturing (AM) systems.

2014 marks the end of a number of other patents on AM processes, such as laser sintering (ASTM powder bed fusion), which could very well mark the second revolution in the industry. While it took years for the material extrusion printers to really hit the market, that was prior to the sort of exposure AM has today. This second wave of expansion could come much more quickly, and have the potential to bring higher quality prints to a broader range of customers. Continue reading

Wohler’s Report 2013 Released

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly evolving industry. The past few years have seen a number of new developments, with AM becoming a cornerstone of diverse industries including dental, medical and architecture. Part of my job here at Rapid Ready is to keep you informed about current trends in AM, and I would be remiss not to announce the release of Wohler’s Report 2013.

The report, produced on an annual basis by Wohler’s Associates, tracks the 3D printing industry as a whole and offers analysis and company information pertaining to AM along with other useful information. If you happen to be unfamiliar with Wohler’s Associates, the company is run by Terry Wohlers, a recognized expert in AM. Last year I had a conversation with Wohlers about the industry, which you can find here. Continue reading

RAPID 2013 Announces Keynote Speakers

As the importance of additive manufacturing (AM) continues to grow, the nature of AM conferences changes. In place of a mainly industry insider feel to the events, more and more professionals interested in discovering what AM can offer for their business will attend to meet AM industry leaders and see AM first-hand. You won’t find a greater concentration of AM in North America than at RAPID.

I was privileged to attend RAPID 2012, and you can find highlights of my coverage here. The annual conference hosted by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers draws attendees from around the world. Along with the impressive exhibitor hall, the main draw to RAPID is the speakers that come to share their knowledge of AM, and to discuss breakthroughs in the technology. Continue reading