Super Star Destroyer

LEGO Prototyping Process on Display at LEGO World 2012

I loved me some LEGO when I was a kid. I didn’t have any of those fancy kits they sell nowadays either. Nope, just give me a big tub of blocks and I could keep myself busy for hours. I’m not quite as tempted by LEGO as an adult, but plenty of folks are, as shown by the LEGO Minecraft under development or the Super Star Destroyer set (no kid is buying a $400 LEGO kit).

Part of what makes all the new sets possible is the same process that goes into creating any new product. LEGO designers come up with an idea, and then work that idea into a CAD file. If the CAD file shows promise, a prototype is created using 3D printing. The 3D printer of choice for this process is the Objet Eden 500v.

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