Solidscape Launches 3Z Max

Additive manufacturing (AM) has proven a boon to a number of industries, including the jewelry and medical fields. Rapid production of molds and cores of all kinds has allowed for more detailed end-use products and the manufacture of parts and objects that would be time consuming to create through more traditional manufacturing methods.

Solidscape has been a provider of AM systems that build high quality wax objects for years before being acquired by Stratasys, and continues to do so with the launch of the 3Z Max. According to the company, its newest 3D printer is its fastest to date and provides a new platform for bulkier jewelry, industrial and medical applications. Continue reading

Solidscape Launches 3ZLab

Human teeth have an unfortunate tendency to degrade, occasionally regardless of the amount of care. I challenge any American to tell me that George Washington practiced poor oral hygiene. The technology of replacement teeth has greatly improved since Washington was fitted with poorly designed chompers (which, contrary to popular belief, weren’t made of wood), and has continued to improve with the dental industry’s adoption of additive manufacturing (AM).

One of the companies leading the charge in AM dental technology is Solidscape (owned by Stratasys). The company’s drop-on-demand (DOD) thermoplastic ink-jetting process produces objects for lost-wax casting/investment casting and mold making applications, using a wax-like material. This particular process is almost tailor-made for dental applications, and Solidscape has continued to advance the technology with the launch of its 3Z Lab. Continue reading

Solidscape Launches 3ZStudio

3D printing has made its way into all kinds of industry. Along with the dental industry, jewelry manufacturers have accepted additive manufacturing (AM) with a certain amount of glee. The power to create investment casting molds using CAD and a 3D printer makes the entire process of manufacturing jewelry faster and less finicky.

Solidscape has released a new system, the 3ZStudio, designed specifically for the jewelry industry. The system comes with touchscreen operation, featuring universal language icons. At 21.4 x 18 x 16 in. (558 x 495 x 419 mm) the 3Zstudio is a desktop sized 3D printer making it easier to install in an office.

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Solidscape Announces 3Z Pro

Each new 3D printer is an example of how the industry is developing. Each new design brings either a fresh approach to additive manufacturing (AM) or an improved iteration of an already existing process.

Solidscape, a Stratasys company, has announced the release of its newest 3D printer, the 3Z Pro. This particular system continues the use of Solidscape’s drop-on-demand (DOD) thermoplastic ink-jetting technology, along with precision milling of each layer. For those unfamiliar with Solidscape, the company’s process is mainly used to create objects for lost-wax casting/investment casting and mold making applications, using a wax-like material.

The 3Z Pro targets vertical industries that require the need for high precision, close tolerance or complex geometries for critical applications such as aerospace, automotive, jewelry, consumer products and electronics, dental, education, medical (mainly orthopedic), small precision casting, sporting goods and toys.
— Bill Dahl, Solidscape director of marketing & communications

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