Company Profile: 3D Systems

Editor’s note: In an effort to help our readers differentiate the companies providing rapid technologies, we will be profiling them on Rapid Ready Technology. If you are a rapid technology manufacturer or service provider and would like to be considered for a profile, please contact us.

It’s hard to know where to begin when covering a company like 3D Systems. Do you start with the product lines? The problem with that approach is you have to include systems like the ZPrinter line and then you have to go back over the same information a second time when talking about 3D Systems’ acquisitions. Maybe the best place to start is at the very beginning, before the company turned into the juggernaut we’ve become familiar with today.

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Blueprinter Prepares for Launch

As the days before RAPID 2012 grow short, we have a steady stream of new 3D printers to talk about. Last week we had a look at Stratasys’ new printer, Mojo, and previous to that we examined 3D Systems’ new printers, the ProJet 3500 Series and the ZPrinter 850. It isn’t just the giants getting into the act, either. We recently covered the Solidoodle and today we’ll look at the upcoming Blueprinter.

Located in Denmark, Blueprinter’s 3D printer is set to launch sometime this half of 2012. Part of what makes this new system interesting is the process it uses to build objects. In place of a Fused Deposition Modeling-like process or laser sintering, BluePrinter uses what it calls selective heat sintering (SHS).

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3D Systems Launches ProJet 3500 Series

The fine people at 3D Systems have been busy, busy, busy. It wasn’t all that long ago we covered the launch of the ZPrinter 850. Tripping on the heels of that news is another new system, the ProJet 3500 Series.

The ProJet 3500 series uses 3D Systems patented Multi-Jet Modeling and comes in three flavors, including the ProJet SD 3500, ProJet HD 3500 and the ProJet HD 3500Plus. All three systems use VisiJet UV curable acrylic plastics. These plastics have been designed for different uses (and come in a number of colors), providing 3D printing options for prototyping and end use applications, direct casting and medical applications.

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