Sciaky’s Direct Manufacturing Process Goes Big

To quote a song you may remember from the early ’80s, “Everything counts in large amounts.” This sentiment certainly seems to be the case in additive manufacturing (AM). One dominant trend in new AM systems is that of size. We’ve covered a number of the emerging giants of 3D printing, and the build envelopes just continue to increase.

Sciaky’s Direct Manufacturing (DM) process has moved from being able to print large parts to printing out entire wing boxes of fighter jets. DM boasts a build area of 19 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft., and is flexible enough in design that the build area could be increased to tackle larger jobs. Continue reading

Rapid Ready Roundup: Fujifilm Kiosks, DARPA’s iFAB, Arcam Titanium 2 and Proof 3D Printing is Cool

In the course of my diligent efforts to keep you good people up to date on the state of additive manufacturing, I come across many interesting news items. I’ll gather them up once every few weeks and present them in a Rapid Ready Roundup (like this one). You can find the last Roundup here.

I keep hearing word that print is dead. From what I can tell, print is merely transitioning to a different medium. Some of that is electronic, and some is via a service arrangement called print-on-demand (POD). POD allows a customer to select a book they’d like to have a dead-tree version of and have it printed just for them. This saves book space and keeps overhead low.

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