Cuben fiber

3D Printing Flies a Kite

While the technology of 3D printing is pretty exciting, most of the uses are fairly mundane. Generally, 3D printers are used when someone needs a prototype to show the boss. Slightly less often they are used to create simple objects like iPod cases or key rings. The sculpture called the “Little Shining Man,” created by Heather and Ivan Morison is the antithesis of all that.

Using 3D modeling software and a 3D printer, the Morisons made art that actually flies. The kite was created using carbon fiber spars, Cuben Fiber fabric, and 1,700 3D printed connectors. The result is an ungainly looking cube that only gains its true majesty when floating in the sky, or lit up as part of a display of a larger piece called “Three Cubes Colliding.”

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