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3D Printing is the Vet’s New Best Friend

3D printed model of a dog's elbow joint showing a bone chip (pink area). Courtesy of South Paws.

Like any good tool, additive manufacturing (AM) has a variety of uses. Beyond rapid prototyping and parts manufacturing, AM improves the lives of everyday people through its medical applications. Whether it’s a new ear or synthetic human tissue, 3D printing ...

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3D Printed Ear 2.0

Princeton's 3D Printed Ear

I’m not sure what it is about ears and additive manufacturing (AM) that’s grabbed the attention of researchers, but apparently the two work well together. It wasn’t all that long ago that Rapid Ready reported on Cornell University’s bioprinted ear, and ...

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Cornell University Bioprints a Functional Ear

Cornell University's 3D Printed Ear

When William Shakespeare put the words, “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears” in the mouth of Mark Anthony, he may well have been prophesizing the future. Additive manufacturing (AM) has been a natural fit for prosthetic development and manufacturing, ...

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