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Rapid Tech Primers

Additive Manufacturing 101

DE goes back to basics and clarifies the alphabet soup of AM processes and systems. Whether your interest is for prototyping, manufacturing, artwork or amusement, we’ll give you an overview of options that can meet or surpass your needs. Learn more.

3D Scanning 101

A 3D scanner can be used to bring physical objects into computer-aided design (CAD) programs, where they can be duplicated via 3D printing or modified and improved before being recreated with additive manufacturing. Learn more.

History of Rapid Technologies

The promise of rapid technologies is obvious: instant, affordable prototyping. The evolution of rapid technology is characterized by rapid growth, and a definite asset to manufacturing, promising to move beyond prototyping to actual finished, manufactured parts in some cases. But where has it come from, and where is it going? How long will it be before there is a 3D printer on every engineer’s desktop? Learn more.

Hot New Additive Manufacturing Materials

Customer requirements up the ante for new materials to address biocompatibility, strength, transparency, static shock and more. Learn more.

Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Using Metals

DE helps you sort through the possibilities, from build materials and systems to service bureaus and value-added processing. Learn more.

Choosing Additive Manufacturing Materials and Technologies

How users match materials and systems for building prototype or production parts. Learn more.