Solidscape Announces 3Z Pro

Each new 3D printer is an example of how the industry is developing. Each new design brings either a fresh approach to additive manufacturing (AM) or an improved iteration of an already existing process. Solidscape, a Stratasys company, has announced ...

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3D Printing Takes to the Skies

University of Southampton’s 3D Printed UAV

Slowly but surely additive manufacturing (AM) is insinuating itself into industry. Maybe not even so slowly. The basic strengths of AM (complex internal geometries, the capability to create strong, lightweight objects) are of particular interest to aerospace companies to help ...

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Bioprinting with Sugar

3D printed vasculature created with sugar

I didn’t read a ton of Sci-Fi when I was a kid (Tolkien was more my thing), but I did read enough of it to expect to someday have cloned organs appear as an alternative to donated organs. I did ...

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