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buildPl8 Launches On-Demand Manufacturing

New Jersey-based start-up buildPl8 has launched its cloud software solution, InventoryBot, which provides access to the company’s on-demand 3D printing capabilities.

“InventoryBot has been a year in the making and has tools that provide users with everything from ‘direct print’ to the management of complex multi-part product construction. It is the solution for small manufacturers looking to outsource parts creation,” said Gerry Libertelli, buildPl8 Founder, and CEO.

The company is located in Boonton, N.J., and also has facilities in Princeton Junction. It can offer mass production of thermoplastic parts and products, using different material types and formats.

InventoryBot is free to join and to price models.

Customers can use the cloud service to have parts or products directly printed, and can also manage multi-part product production remotely. The company also offers integrated drop shipping, and sees the service as a complement to manufacturers’ existing supply chains.

“I cannot wait to see what the creative genius of the US entrepreneur unleashes with 3D printing,”  said Libertelli. “With InventoryBot, we hope to be a big part of that transformation. We want to be the tool US business turns to when China can’t get it done.”

Users sign up for the service, upload .stl files and can immediately get a price quote. The company also offers a “Create a Part” design service. Depending on the size of the order, the company uses as many as 10 printers to produce the run.

The company is already manufacturing the uulSleeve case for the Juul vaporizer.

buildPl8 is using 3D printers from 3dMonstr, another New Jersey company that offers the T-Rex line of large-format printers with up to 3 cubic meters of build volume.

“InventoryBot, and services like it, portend the start of a new kind of manufacturing revolution. It is now possible to conceive, design, prototype and manufacture all within a closed loop. This will enable more innovation and more consumer choice,” said Ben Reytblat, CEO of 3dMonstr. “We are very excited to be working with buildPl8 on this exciting venture. Our large-format, high-speed printers are at the center of the InventoryBot solution and we are so excited that buildPl8 has trusted us.”

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