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EnvsionTEC Releases New Aria Desktop 3D Printer

EnvisionTEC is staking out a claim in the desktop 3D printer market with its new new Aria, an entry-level industrial 3D printer priced at $6,999.

According to the company, the printer is currently available in North America and Europe, with an estimated delivery date of four to six weeks from purchase.

“For 15 years, EnvisionTEC has been known for its unwavering commitment to delivering professional-grade 3D printers, and we have never wanted to sell a cheap printer,” said CEO Al Siblani. “Today, with the launch of Aria, we remain faithful to our mission of delivering a premium product, but at a more accessible price that gives users a taste of EnvisionTEC’s outstanding quality.”

The printer includes an industrial-grade UV LED light engine, dual-axis Z slide, and a material tray built with optical glass. Z-layer resolution can be set at 25, 35, or 50 microns, and the printer includes the company’s #15YearsBetter firmware and software.

The printer is also offered with four of the company’s printing materials, including EC500 lost wax casting material, PIC100 for castable parts, QView for fast prints, and RC90, a heat-resistant, ceramic-based material. The company is marketing the platform as an “open materials” system, however.

The Aria is the company’s first foray into the low-cost, entry-level space. The printer is targeted at the jewelry, consumer goods, and industrial parts markets.

3D Systems also recently announced it was moving back into the desktop space with an industrial model (the sub-$5,000 FabPro 1000). In January, CONTEXT released new data that showed 27% growth in the personal/desktop 3D printer space in 2016.

Earlier in November, EnvisionTEC unveiled its new Perfactory 4LED XXL, which offers a larger build area of 230 x 143.75 x 200 mm and an XY resolution of 60 microns. The new Vida cDLM (continuous digital light manufacturing) model also offers a larger build area than previous versions (145 x 81.5 x 100 mm) and a 76-micron XY resolution.

Source: EnvisionTEC

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