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Dubai, Siemens Team on Printing Spare Parts

Dubai continues to position itself as a leader in municipal adoption of 3D printing technology. The city already announced plans to build the first 3D-printed office building and a 3D-printed skyscraper, and is now expanding the use of 3D printing in its public infrastructure and transportation division.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Siemens have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to team on a 3D printing project that will help increase the availability of spare parts for the city, reduce obsolescence, and enable the RTA to obtain better performing parts with advanced features.

“This step would certainly consolidate RTA’s constant efforts to back up Dubai’s endeavors in becoming the world’s smartest city in three years, which would definitely contribute to make the residents of Dubai, its visitors and tourists happier and more satisfied,” said Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, CEO of Rail Agency. “Joining forces with an international prestigious company such as Siemens would certainly empower RTA to realize its technological targets and innovation objectives as per the timeline scheduled for the evolvement of 3D printing technology at the maintenance operation of the Rail Agency.”

Last year, RTA’s Rail Agency deployed 3D printing technology and successfully printed parts for the agency’s subsystems, including ticket vending machines, ticket gates, and other assets.

By being able to print spare parts, the city can reduce the cost of ordering parts since they can be created one at a time and with less waste. 3D printing can also reduce the carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and transporting the parts.

“We are proud to be working with the RTA to advance industrialized 3D printing in Dubai, in line with the emirate’s vision to be the world’s smartest city,” said Alexander Biron von Curland, senior executive vice president, Mobility, Siemens Middle East. “Siemens has been a pioneer of 3D printing worldwide, and this digital technology is changing the way we design and manufacture spare parts for mobility systems such as metros.”

Dubai’s 3D Printing Strategy aims to make Dubai a leader in adoption of the technology by 2030. The city hopes to use the technology to create 25 percent of all new buildings by that time.

Source: Government of Dubai


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