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3D Systems Streamlines Print Preparation

3D Systems has released a software that should streamline the design and printing process for users of its plastic printers.

In late December, the company announced 3D Sprint 2.0, a productivity enhancing print management and print optimization software for the 3D Systems plastic printer line. According to the company, the new version can streamline workflows by reducing the need to divide projects across multiple software programs.3dsprint_cover

The solution includes tools that allow users to manipulate, edit and prepare 3D models for printing directly from the software interface. They include advanced operations such as part splitting, cutting, keying, offsetting, shelling, thickening, part grouping, triangle reduction and part quality checks.

The printer management tools in Sprint 2.0 also facilitate firmware updates, system checks and log retrievals. The software supports .stl, .obj, and .ply files, in addition to polygon and neural CAD formats.

“Our goal with 3D Sprint 2.0 is to make 3D printing in plastic easier and faster than ever before,” said Ilan Erez, senior vice president, general manager, Software, at 3D Systems. “Having a single software platform for 3D Systems’ plastic printers helps our customers achieve greater productivity and improved results.”

The software includes advanced part geometry analysis and error correction for CAD and .stl files. It also includes manual polygon editing tools, and enables users to fill in gaps in polygon data. Users can also estimate and manage material usage, control job priorities, and view all shared/networked printers.

“3D Sprint 2.0 is the fastest and most reliable user interface we’ve ever used,” says Ian Sayers, 3D printer and scanner sales, Hawk Ridge Systems, a 3D Systems partner. “Having a single piece of intelligent software that can create estimates on numerous virtual machines makes our operations more nimble, and the level of interoperability sets a new standard for what people will expect from 3D printing interfaces in the future.”

The software will ship with all ProJet 1200 and ProJet MJP 2500 Series printers. Support for other 3D Systems plastics printers will follow, along with premium software levels that include advanced editing and expanded CAD format support.

Source: 3D Systems

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