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HP Acquires David Vision Systems

HP is extending its position in the 3D space with the acquisition of David Vision Systems and David 3D Solutions in Germany. According to the company, the move will help the company evolve its Sprout 3D desktop 3D scanning solution and “advance its market opportunities in both Immersive Computing and the … 3D scanning market.”SLS-3_WHITE_2015-11-10_940px

The scanning products will be integrated into the company’s 3D ecosystem, which includes the HP Jet Fusion 3D print system.

HP will acquire David’s scanning, stitching and fusing solution, which will improve scan quality. HP said it will also acquire the David team, which will add technical and business 3D experience to their operation.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

David offers several different scanners, as well as a software development kit (SDK) that allows users to automate scan processes. The company also offers a turntable that provides automatic rotation and alignment.

Its two structured light scanners (the SLS-2 and SLS-3) allow 360-degree scanning in just a few seconds. The SLS-3 provides resolution up to 0.05 mm, the ability to perform a single scan in 2 seconds, and a mesh density of up to 2,300,000 vertices per scan.

HP debuted the Jet Fusion 3D printer at the RAPID 2016 event in May. The company also announced it would invest $67.7 million annually into its International Centre in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, for the development of large format printing and 3D printing technologies. The company is also working with French chemical company Arkema to improve their printing material line.

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