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Made in Singapore: the 3dee Onyx

The US might be the birthplace of additive manufacturing (AM), but it was never likely to remain a purely American product. New overseas AM manufacturers and service bureaus emerge on what seems like a daily basis, increasing competition and working to sate the still growing global demand for 3D printers and associated services.

3dee Creations, a new company out of Singapore, has joined the AM marketplace with a professional quality material extrusion printer (a process similar to Stratasys’ Fused Deposition Modeling technology). The company’s first offering is a desktop AM system called the 3dee Onyx. The new system is by no means Singapore’s first 3D printer, but its features do put it on par with many Western offerings, making it a viable alternative to products built by better known companies.

The 3dee Onyx is a professional quality AM system with an attractive price tag. Courtesy of 3dee Creations.

The 3dee Onyx is a professional quality AM system with an attractive price tag. Courtesy of 3dee Creations.

As far as specs, the 3dee Onyx offers a 200 x 200 x 200mm (7.87 x 7.87 x 7.87 in.) build envelope and a 10 micron layer thickness. A controllable heated build plate supports objects built from PLA, ABS, nylon and laywood. The new system is capable of a layer resolution of up to 100 microns, and has a print speed of 250mm/second.

The 3dee Onyx sports an LCD display and is capable of remote operation thanks to a wireless SD card. Unlike some companies with a back order schedule stretching months, 3dee Creations is prepared to ship new systems worldwide with as little as four weeks lead time. The new system is priced to be attractive as well, launching at $1,688.

If the 3dee Onyx represents the future of AM systems, Western companies need to take heed. Assuming the system lives up to its specs, you’d be hard pressed to find a 3D printer built in the US or Europe with similar specs for under $2,000. Below you’ll find a video presentation of the 3dee Onyx.

Source: 3dee Creations

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