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Deloitte Offers 3D Printing MOOC

3D printing is capable of producing such a vast array of products, it can be hard for some people to figure out how the technology could best be used for a specific business or industry. This is particularly true for newcomers to the technology. The inability to explain to your boss, investors, or the bean counters exactly how additive manufacturing (AM) can benefit your company can be frustrating.

Deloitte, a consultation, risk advisory, and auditing firm based in the UK, will be offering a massive online open course (MOOC) intended to introduce the basics of AM and the potential business applications for the technology. The course is already live online and will continue through August 15. Deloitte is producing the MOOC with assistance and support from America Makes, 3D Systems, Marquette University, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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“This course is uniquely valuable because it explores the business considerations for additive manufacturing,” said Mike Hripko, deputy director of workforce and educational outreach, America Makes.  “During this course participants will learn how 3D printing could impact their business, which sectors are leading in the use of the technology, and what factors they should consider when building a business case for additive manufacturing.”

So, what is a MOOC? In this case, it takes the form of 26 segments of video content, lectures, motion graphics, and assessments. Each course segment will average 5-7 minutes in length. Assessments will take the form of short quizzes meant to help students monitor their comprehension and retention of the material, as well as optional take-home assignments which will be peer reviewed. Anyone achieving at least 70% on the module-ending quizzes will receive a certificate of completion.

The content of the MOOC will include:

  • What is additive manufacturing? Learn the processes and technologies that fall under the AM umbrella and gain an understanding of where they fit within the universe of manufacturing technologies.
  • How will AM impact my business? Explore a framework based on economic principles that helps explain how AM will influence product and supply chain evolution.
  • What is happening in key sectors impacted by AM? Understand the current and potential uses of AM in sectors including medical technology, automotive, and aerospace & defense, and learn how you can analyze your own industry and company to define a path forward with AM.
  • What factors influence the business case for AM? Explore the key dynamics and general factors you should consider when building a business case for AM.

Prospective students can register here and begin deepening their knowledge of AM. Below you’ll find a video overview of what to expect during the MOOC.

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