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Solidscape Launches Max2 Wax Pattern Additive Manufacturing System

A significant number of industries have benefited from additive manufacturing’s (AM) ability to produce complex designs, including jewelry manufacturers. AM systems can build cores for lost wax casting more quickly than older techniques, offering a faster time to market. This can increase profits not only as a result of decreased production times, but can also help save on associated production costs such as eliminating the need to build specific tools for specific jobs.

Solidscape has a new tool to offer to jewelry designers and manufacturers with its new desktop Max2 wax pattern AM system. Although jewelry design tops the list of targeted audiences, the Max2 can also offer increased productivity for the medical and instrument industries.

Solidscape's newest wax pattern 3D printer, the Max2. Courtesy of Solidscape.

Solidscape’s newest wax pattern 3D printer, the Max2. Courtesy of Solidscape.

“The Solidscape MAX² is part of our relentless drive to help our manufacturing customers optimize their workflow and quality,” said Solidscape president and GM Fabio Esposito. “The surface finish quality of the wax patterns made by the MAX² is the best ever produced by any Solidscape printer. And that precision is now matched by substantially increased performance that can cut the production time for jewelers in half. The Solidscape MAX² gives our customers a product choice that meets their needs for high precision, high performance and a high return on their investment.”

The Max2 is a desktop AM system with a build envelope of 6 x 6 x 4 in. (152.4 x 152.4 x 101.6 mm) and an accuracy of ±0.0010 inch/inch (±25.4μ/25.4mm) along each axis X, Y and Z. The new 3D printer offers a resolution of 5000 X 5000 dots/inch (197 X 197 dots/mm) in X, Y and 8000 dots/inch (315 dots/mm) in Z. It also has user selectable layer thickness of 0.001 in. to 0.002 in. (25.4μm to 50.8μm) in ¼ mil (6.3μm) steps.

The Max2 uses Solidscape 3Z Model and 3Z Support materials along with a SCP (Smooth Curvature Printing) to, according to the company, deliver higher output and detail than existing wax pattern 3D printers. The system also includes a touch screen control panel and Wi-Fi capability.

Solidscape has priced the Max2 at $55,650, but is also announced a trade-in option to allow existing Solidscape owners to upgrade to the new system at a reduced price.

Below you’ll find the launch video for the Solidscape Max2.

Source: Solidscape

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  1. We tested this machine with Pro, Studio and Max- We saw that the Max2 is better and the run time are low- Great for busy jewelry business

  2. Hi John,
    Good article, one minor update: Actually this is the 5th new 3D printer introduced by Solidscape since being acquired by Stratasys in 2011. Starting in 2012 we rolled out the 3Z series starting with the Solidscape 3Z Pro, then Solidscape 3Z Studio (for custom retail jewelers), Solidscape 3Z Lab (for Dental), then last August the original Solidscape 3Z MAX. The MAX 2 is our latest that incorporates many refinements based on “Voice of the Customer” 3Z family feedback. It is “field-tested tough” per comment by Romanoff above.
    Bill: 603-494-1525

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